Andropenis Info is the premiere online retailer of the Andropenis enlargement device manufactured by Andromedical. Shopping at home for a penis enlarger gives a consumer the convenience of learning about penis enlargement systems from the comfort of their home without the worry of embarrassment which some shoppers may feel when opting to purchase a penis extender.

All of the Andropenis penis enlargers offered throughout this website have been clinically tested by doctors to be effective and safe for use by any man between the ages of 18 and 65. Extensive clinical trials have shown our penis extender is highly effective without causing negative side effects which are often associated with the use of herbal supplements or pills that are intended to be used for penis enlargement.

Andropenis is recognised internationally and has established an excellent reputation in the majority of countries in the world. Most nations establish a set of guidelines and quality controls for medical devices such as ours before they can be marketed. We hold numerous worldwide certifications to vouch for this including USA FDA Registration, Canadian CMDCAS Health Certification, CE Declaration of Conformity and many more.

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When a person decides to use an Andropenis penis enlarger because of its ability to provide a safe way to add length and girth to the penis, it's likely this person does not want to wait around for their new tool in penis enlargement to arrive. Fortunately, we provide fast shipping speeds through a variety of services to allow shoppers to receive their orders quickly with the option to expedite shipping.

All orders which are received for shipment within the United States are processed within 24 hours from the day they are received. Customers in the USA can expect to receive their order within two to three business days.

International orders are also processed in a timely manner to assure that customers receive their Andropenis as quickly as possible. The average shipping time for orders that are shipped internationally is between three and five business days.

Each of the Andropenis penis enlargement products that we sell here includes information about how the penis extender works and why its quality can be trusted. Our aim is to provide customers with as much information as possible about our penis enlargers which are available throughout our shop.

A penis enlarger is a serious purchase decision that must be made with all of the information concerning the quality of the penis enlargement device, and any information backing up claims related to the effectiveness of the penis extender should be provided to consumers on the purchase page. Information regarding the Andropenis penis enlarger is put at the fingertips of our customers.

Andropenis has a significant number of benefits including penis enlargement, correction of penile curvature and the prevention of penile shortening after urological surgery. The manufacturers at Andromedical have spent many years in research and development in order to produce a penis enlarger at the forefront of technology. With unique and advanced comfort features the patient can wear the device for longer periods of time meaning results are accelerated.

For the treatment of Peyronies disease Andropenis has shown very promising results. As sufferers realize once this condition begins to affect their ability to enjoy a fulfilling sex life it can cause knock on effects such as low self-esteem, loss of sexual confidence and even depression. The good news is that our device can significantly reduce curvature of the penis by up to 80% and also has the add-on effect of enlargement with patients seeing an improvement in their libido.

Lastly, anyone who has had surgery for prostate cancer, bladder conditions and even penile implants would be aware one of the side affects is penile shortening. Since a scar is left after surgery, the skin around the area begins to shrink as it heals, producing this affect. Andropenis uses a traction force and by keeping constant tension on the penis it prevents it from being pulled inwards as the wound heals. Once again patients who have used our device to treat this have also reported penile augmentation and an increase in sexual desire.

We offer a variety of Andropenis packages to fit the needs of anyone searching for either penis enlargement, curvature correction or accessories. We also offer gift certificates so that you can let your loved ones pick out the right penis extender that fits their unique penis enlargement needs.

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