Using the Andropenis Penis Enlarger

The Andropenis penis enlargement device is a discreet extender that can be worn under clothing so that men are able to enjoy the benefits of the device throughout the day. The penis enlarger is applied to the penis while flaccid and is typically worn for a period of between four to nine hours a day for six to eight months.

Growth associated with the use of the penis extender is permanent. Studies have shown that the penis enlargement device is able to increase penis size by as much as 1.6 inches in length and 0.8 inches in girth. The penis extender is discreet, easy to use, and uses gradual traction to keep use of the penis enlarger painless.

Use of the Andropenis penis enlarger for the purpose of correcting curvature associated with Peyronie's disease has been shown to reduce by as much at 40 percent when the Andropenis penis enlarger is used for a period of approximately eight months.

A Comparison of Penis Enlargement Through Surgery and Use of the Andropenis Penis Extender

While it is possible for men to achieve penis enlargement through the use of surgery, this is a risky option that results in a less significant increase in size as compared to use of the Andropenis penis enlarger.

Studies indicate that surgery increases the length of the penis by an average of 1.1 inches, a full half of an inch less than the Andropenis penis extender. In addition to the risk and less satisfactory results of surgery, surgeries that are used to correct a curvature of the penis due to Peyronie's disease consistently result in a shortening of the penis by up to 1.1 inches.

It may even be necessary to use a penis enlargement device following surgery for Peyronie's disease to regain length lost through the surgery. Using a penis extender instead of surgery allows men to avoid risky surgery while enjoying the benefits of a penis enlarger.

Is The Penis Enlarger Better for Penis Enlargement? The Conclusion

It is a fact that surgery for penis enlargement is effective. However, the Andropenis penis extender is a safe, effective way to gain even more length than surgery without dealing with unnecessary risk.

The penis extender is a gentle way to provide painless penis enlargement. Studies conducted by medical professionals have shown that penis enlargement with the Andropenis penis extender is preferred to surgery due to the lack of pain and side effects associated with surgery.

Use of the Andropenis penis enlarger to treat curvature by up to 40 percent associated with Peyronie's disease demonstrate the benefits of the use of a penis enlarger over surgery. While Peyronie's disease surgery always results in a shortening of the penis, using the penis enlarger corrects curvature of the penis while providing the added benefit of an increase in length that is associated with the regular use of a penis extender.

The penis enlargement results associated with use of the Andropenis penis extender are backed by extensive research conducted by medical professionals.


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